Hiking The Florida Trail Segment 37


       My mom, Terri, and I have been very spontaneous lately, and today we had another one of those moments. Waking up at 6a.m. this morning I had no idea what the day held, but that, I've come to know, is when the best days happen. No plans, no worries; just ready for whatever ideas fly at us. 


The woman herself

       I want to tell my readers who this woman is because she is much more than amazing mother to me. In more recent years we have become much closer due to the both of us going through the healing we needed to experience. Walls between us have broken down, resentments forgiven, and love is finally flowing evenly through the both of us into each other. That is God working in our lives right there! We have been gifted many moments like we had today, and these moments are times that will be remembered for the rest of my life. We talked about how peaceful the silent wind is, and how it moves through the trees to let us know it is there. We are out in the woods learning together, growing together, and sharing our lives together. Its a powerful thing. Something I will always remain grateful for.


       We started our hike right around 2:30 p.m., and the natural light from the sun was just starting to become perfect for my style of landscape photography. So needlessly to say I was excited to see what was on the trial ahead. Which by the way we had no idea what we where getting ourselves into! 

As we moved along further on our journey we walked upon beautiful sights along the path as you will see below!

So What did I think of the this trail?

To be honest, this was my favorite hiking trail I have been to in the Pan Handle area! The wildlife was great, the natural music of bird and insects was beautiful, and walking along the running waters of Econfina Creek was refreshing. There where actually a good amount of people hiking the trail, which I didn't mind, and they where really nice people. Most of the hike my mother and I were walking about 15 feet above the creek looking down at it as we walked. I would highly suggest this trail to anyone looking for a great place to go out doors. Note: we did not finish the trail due to it getting to dark, but there is a waterfall feature, and an awesome bridge we didn't get it today! 

You can find the location of the trailhead here!

Enjoy some more photos from the hike!


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