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Backstory to my passion

    Photography has given me a chance to view everything from a new and creative perspective. Looking through my lens has given me new insights about the world I never knew existed before.

   At the age of 15, when I started to take photos, everything around me became magical and something really cool to take pictures of. I remember taking one of my trophies from Lacrosse and using it to experiment all my lighting variations. Having a camera seemed to bring everything to life and made everything a bit cooler for me. Photography quickly became a beautiful and positive way to connect and express myself.

   It’s my passion to create something meaningful in all my photos and show emotion through all the work I do. Whether family portraits, landscapes, or even my abstract photography there is always a deeper meaning that comes through. When photographing a family smiling and laughing my goal is to authentically show the deep love and closeness they share with one another. All my nature and landscape photos come alive as I connect with all its incredible beauty, bringing to life the amazing world that surrounds us.

To me everything has beauty and it’s my goal to bring that out. When you look for beauty, you see beauty!  For this reason, my photography has taken on a life of its own. Unique in style and passion, I continue to look beyond the horizon. As I do, I get to journey through endless creative paths to find the deepest meaning in all I do. I welcome you joining me on this journey to allow me to help bring out your amazing passion and inner beauty too.   

Everything has its place and beauty.

Skating in San Fran (Photo by my awesome wife!!)

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